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Protect The Comfort of Your Home With Our ProPlan Programs

There is a lot of complicated equipment that has to work together to provide comfort to your home – and if it’s not taken care of, you’ll find your comfort is a very fragile thing. Regular maintenance is vital to ensuring your home’s air conditioning system stays in top shape to battle back the Louisiana heat, so that’s why the experts at TemperaturePro Baton Rouge offer our ProPlan Programs. These subscription plans not only guarantee annual tune-ups for your system but unlock a host of other benefits that give you all the tools you need to guarantee your comfort.

ProPlan Benefits

Energy Efficiency

Proactively ensuring your system is running at peak performance not only is good for the environment, it will help reduce the chances of unexpected high energy bills.


Maintaining your system on an annual basis reduces the changes of random failures and extends the life of your equipment. System replacements can be expensive, so doing everything to extend the equipment lifespan is vital! 


Energy Efficiency & Reliability are very important, but let’s face it, your system is meant for your comfort. Keeping your system running smoothly will ensure your system is working for you!

ProPlan Memberships

ProPlan Lite

$300/yr OR $25/mo

$350 Annual Value


$420/yr OR $35/mo

$1,300 Annual Value

ProPlan Plus

$540/yr OR $45/mo

$2,350 Annual Value

Ways You Benefit from Regular Maintenance

You’ll get a lot of perks with our ProPlan Program, but the benefits don’t stop there. Taking care of your equipment on a steady basis opens a lot of other advantages that make your life better, cheaper, and more comfortable. Annual tune-ups provide:

ProPlan Plus Promotion

Sign up for the ProPlan Plus plan and receive 3 Months Free upon initial enrollment – $57 Value (25% Off)

Also, receive 2 Months Free for a referral that signs up for ProPlan Plus (No Limitations Apply As Long as Promotion Lasts) – $38 Value / Instance (15% Off)

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