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The professionals at TemperaturePro can repair any make or model of furnace, heat pump, or heating system. Our experienced technicians will take care of your heating system, so you can get back to everything else.

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We service all makes and models, are licensed and insured, and have extensive expert training for all of our technicians. We provide convenient, transparent, and professional heating repair services throughout the United States.

Let Us Keep You Warm and Comfortable

HVAC is our expertise. When you notice a lapse in performance, or if things are a little colder than usual, we can diagnose your issue and get you feeling warmer, faster.

Our specially crafted heating solutions will give you a transparent look into exactly why your system is underperforming, how we can fix it, and how to prevent future system malfunctions.

You May Need Heating Repair If You Have:

Why Isn’t My Furnace or Heat Pump Working?

There are many different reasons why your heater could not be working.

One of the most common issues is a condensate line blockage. This line, usually a PVC pipe, allows water to drain from the heating system. When this line is blocked, it triggers an overflow kill switch that stops the heat system from operating to prevent water damage to the system. The pipe is usually clogged by dirt, dust, mold or ice. Our experienced HVAC technicians can help clean your condensate line, or let you know if there is a more serious issue at play.

If your furnace won’t turn on at all, it’s possible there is an issue with your pilot light. Sometimes, this can be fixed by relighting the flame on your own. However, if you continue to have a flame that won’t burn, our HVAC professionals can diagnose the problem with an in-person visit.

Other Common Furnace Problems

Prevent Heating Breakdowns With Our ProPlan

So Much More Than Just HVAC Maintenance

Let’s be honest- HVAC maintenance is probably not at the top of your to-do list. We get it. However, performing regular maintenance on your system can help it last longer and save you costly repairs in the future. We make it easy to keep your system in tip-top shape. ProPlan is designed to catch small problems before they become troublesome, expensive fixes. Your peace of mind and comfort, with no hassle, is our top priority, which is why we created this membership program. Not to mention, THE HUGE SAVINGS! 

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More Heating Services

More Heating Services

We provide convenient, transparent and professional heating service that fits your exact needs. 

Commercial HVAC Services

We offer heating services to both residential and commercial customers. If you’re experiencing heating issues at your school, university, office, store, medical building, or elsewhere, our HVAC technicians can help.

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