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Expert Orlando AC Repair

Is your AC making loud or strange noises, or failing to adequately cool your home? You may be in need of AC repairs from a certified technician at TemperaturePro. Our team of Orlando AC repair technicians are experienced in diagnosing and repairing any problems with any type of air conditioning unit. 

We use the best quality equipment to ensure that your AC gets back to running smoothly as quickly as possible. Call today to schedule an AC repair service and we’ll be on our way to restoring your indoor comfort.

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Is Your AC No Longer Blowing Cold Air?

Has your AC unit stopped blowing cold air in the middle of summer? There are a few potential explanations for why your AC isn’t blowing cool air – from low refrigerant to a problem with airflow, an incorrect setting, or a dirty air filter. Our experienced Orlando AC repair team is here to help you get back to comfortable temperatures. We use products from top manufacturers and promise to accurately diagnose the issue and get your AC cooling your home quickly. Contact TemperaturePro Orlando for all of your AC repair needs!

Two AC technicians from Temperature Pro Orlando standing next to an AC condenser.
TemperaturePro AC technician showing a customer the repair process on an ipad.

Why is Water Leaking from My AC?

Though water leaking from your AC unit can be an alarming sight, you won’t have to worry with TemperaturePro by your side. A leaky AC unit can occur for a few reasons, such as clogged or blocked drain pipes, a faulty pump, or a damaged condensate line. With specified training and expertise, our technicians are able to pinpoint the source of the issue and guide you toward the best solution for your home. We’ll conduct a thorough assessment of your AC system to ensure that all components are correctly installed and in working order.

Why Does My AC Sound so Loud?

It’s normal to hear subtle noises as your AC unit kicks on, but loud, frequent, or unusual noises are signs that you may be in need of AC repair. Loud noises coming from your AC could be caused by a variety of issues, such as loose connections, faulty or worn fan motors, or a build up of dirt and debris. In order to prevent the need for costly repairs down the line, it’s best to call for an experienced Orlando AC repair technician as soon as you hear any unusual noises coming from your unit.

TemperaturePro Orlando AC technician adjusting thermostat.
TemperaturePro AC technician checking on a customer’s thermostat.

Save on AC Repairs with Our ProPlan

Tired of dealing with unexpected AC repairs? At TemperaturePro, our ProPlan membership is your key to preventing the need for costly AC repairs. With our ProPlan membership, you’ll receive preventative maintenance services that ensure your system continues running smoothly and efficiently. Our expert technicians will ensure any issues are identified and repaired before they escalate. Restore your indoor comfort and benefit from huge savings with TemperaturePro’s ProPlan membership!

Let TemperaturePro Handle Your AC Repair Needs

Are you looking for AC repair services? The team at TemperaturePro has you covered. Our skilled technicians offer comprehensive AC repair and air conditioning solutions. We use high quality products and tools to get your home or business back to a comfortable temperature in no time. Put an end to summer heat and expensive repairs – contact TemperaturePro today to schedule an AC repair service. Our team of experienced Orlando technicians can diagnose and fix any issue with your AC unit, at an unbeatable price. 

An AC repair technician from TemperaturePro sitting next to a condenser.

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