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Heating Services in Kirkland

TemperaturePro Kirland provides expert furnace services – from installation to repairs to general maintenance, our mission is to keep your furnace or heating equipment running smoothly.

We work hard to keep the community of Kirkland comfortable year-round by providing long-lasting, energy efficiency furnace services that will keep you warm this winter, and for many more to come.

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Two TemperaturePro Kirkland heating service technicians in front of a home after completing a job.

Heating Repair

When your furnace or heat pump malfunctions, your home may quickly begin to feel like a walk-in refrigerator – or worse, a walk-in freezer. That’s why we work hard to provide timely and professional heating repair services to Kirkland and surrounding areas.

We can diagnose your furnace or heating system to determine whether it needs minor repairs, or if a new installation is the way to go. Our furnace services cover all makes and models. No matter the issue, TemperaturePro Kirkland can solve it.

Kirkland heating technician kneeling next to an HVAC unit outside a customers home.

Heating Maintenance

The best way to ensure your furnace keeps you warm every winter is by scheduling regular maintenance visits. These visits help our team to identify any minor problems that may escalate into costly repairs or the need for a new system altogether. 

That’s why we offer the ProPlan program – an HVAC maintenance plan that takes into account the needs of your specific heating unit and age. Not only does our ProPlan help you stay comfortable, but it also helps improve energy efficiency, helping you save on utilities.

Heating Inspection

No matter the issue, our certified heating technicians can inspect and diagnose any problem with your furnace or heating system. Regular inspection ensures your system is performing in tip-top shape, which ultimately prevents breakdowns and keeps energy bills at bay.

The best time to schedule a heating inspection with TemperaturePro is right before the colder months arrive. Inspections can reveal potential issues that, if not treated quickly, can result in expensive repairs or breakdowns in the future. Don’t wait, call TemperaturePro Kirkland today for the best furnace services in the area!

Two Kirkland heating technicians from TemperaturePro standing outside of a customer's home.
Three Kirkland heating technicians from TemperaturePro standing and smiling with arms crossed.

Heating Installation

Moving into a new home? Looking to install a new heating system? The expert technicians at TemperaturePro Kirkland will guide you through the process and help identify the best solution for your home. We provide expert furnaces services and work with all makes and models of heating systems. 

We understand that installing a new heating unit can be expensive, which is why we offer to finance. Plus, we’ll never pressure you to buy a system you don’t actually need. We’re here to help you through every step of the way, so you can enjoy winter from the comfort of your home. When you need furnace services, you can turn to TemperaturePro Kirkland.

Heating Replacement

As a homeowner, navigating the complex world of furnaces and heating systems can be daunting – but that’s what we’re here for! When simple repairs are no longer an option, our technicians will help you find the most efficient and suitable heating unit to fit your exact needs. 

For all of our furnace services, we want to make the process smooth from point A to point B. We strive to minimize any disruption to your daily life and ensure a clean home upon project completion. Replacing your broken heating system doesn’t have to be scary when you choose TemperaturePro.

Kirkland heating technician speaking to a customer while another technician inspect the HVAC unit.

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