Struggling to Keep Your Split-Level Home Evenly Heated and Cooled?

We Have a Solution for Troublesome Split-Level Homes

Mid-century homes are desirable and beautifully designed, and many follow the split-level floor plan. Split-level homes consist of multiple staggered floors, with half stairways leading from the main room up and down to the top floor and the basement. 

Though this layout has many advantages, it can be increasingly difficult to keep each floor evenly cooled and heated, especially when the weather is extremely hot or cold outdoors.

Split-Level HVAC Concerns

There are a few issues associated with evenly distributing hot or cool air throughout a split-level home:

Uneven Heating and Cooling

Since hot air rises up and cool air sinks down, the top floor of homes with this floor plan can be noticeably hotter than bottom floors. Though it can be nice to cozy up in a warm room upstairs during the winter, the rest of your home can feel freezing, putting your comfort in jeopardy.

Improper HVAC Setup

Another reason the climate in homes with split levels can be difficult to manage is the original HVAC unit installation. Some homes have single systems, which don’t allow for zoning, or controlling the temperature in the home room by room.

This leaves homeowners with mid-century homes in a tight spot: do you sacrifice the warmth downstairs for a bearable temperature upstairs, or do you spend your time in a warm living room and learn to deal with the heat upstairs?

HVAC Solutions for Split-Level Homes

If these concerns are something you relate to, we have good news! Our team has a solution for analyzing and determining the proper course of action for homeowners who have issues controlling the temperature in their split-level homes.

Our team will come in and perform an analysis of your current HVAC situation, including checking whether the system is properly sized for your home. This will help us determine what the next steps should be:

Better Zoning

In cases like these, the unit itself is often not the issue (especially if regular maintenance is performed on it). Coming up with solutions for more efficient and effective zoning can help tremendously when it comes to creating an environment that allows for everyone in your home to be comfortable, no matter what room they’re in.

Adding Supplemental Mini-Splits

While controlling the temperature by area within a home is possible without a mini-split system, mini-split air conditioners are units that are designed specifically to allow for zoning.

Achieve Maximum Comfort

TemperaturePro’s technicians have all of the expertise necessary to help you live happily in your home, without having to worry about drastic temperature changes between floors. Our split-level home solutions can give you a properly heated and cooled home, as well as better temperature gradients between floors and rooms.

To find out more about how TemperaturePro can bring you to new heights of comfort, fill out the form below!

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