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technician working on unit

When and Why to Schedule an AC Tune Up

Regular AC tune ups are one of those things many people wonder if they’re really necessary. Well, we’re here to tell you that they are. You don’t need to have someone come out every other month. But getting your unit checked out a couple times a year can be beneficial [...]

touchscreen thermostat

Everything You Need To Know About Smart Thermostats

Smart homes are becoming more and more popular these days, with everything from Amazon Alexa to refrigerators that automatically update your grocery list based on what’s inside, and more. Homeowners everywhere are looking for anything to help make their home more efficient and environmentally friendly, and help them save money. [...]

technician working outside

The Ultimate Guide To HVAC Maintenance in 2019

Whether you’re looking to increase your home’s value in the real estate market, maximize your home’s indoor comfort, improve air quality, or lower your energy bills, standard HVAC maintenance is a solid place to begin. If you’ve got energy efficiency or market prices on the mind, TemperaturePro’s Ultimate Guide to [...]


Why Is One Room in My Home So Cold During Winter?

One of the most frustrating things about being a homeowner in the winter can be a room that just always seems to be colder than the rest of the house. You may have your heater on full blast, yet that pesky room remains chilly. The good news is that this [...]

winter heating bills

Nine Ways to Lower Your Heating Bill This Winter

Everyone wants to save money on their heating bills during the winter, and the TemperaturePro team is here to help you do so. Check out these 9 easy tips for reducing energy spending in the coming winter months. 1. Programmable Thermostats One of the simplest ways to reduce your energy [...]

fall hvac maintenance

Four Reasons For Fall Furnace Maintenance

Fall began on September 22 this year, which means the cold days of winter are already looming on the horizon. Chilly days in the Midwest and Northeast are closer than ever, and even southern states in the U.S. experience unexpected cold fronts. Is your furnace ready to heat your home [...]

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