The 8 Most Important Questions You Need to Ask your HVAC Service Provider

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Your home or office HVAC system is perhaps the most vital component of being able to live and work comfortably. A system of this caliber deserves the highest quality service from trained professionals. 

So, how do you know exactly what you’re getting into when it comes to HVAC maintenance? Here are 8 questions to ask your HVAC service provider to make sure you have all the information you need to get started on a project:

1. How long will this repair or replacement last?

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The longevity of an HVAC system varies depending on a variety of factors. Some of those factors include: the quality and frequency of maintenance, the quality of components, and the environment in which your home or office resides. Asking your service provider up front how long they expect the repairs or new system to last can give you useful insight on the return you can expect from taking on the project. And this, in turn, can help you make an informed decision. 

2. Am I better off investing in a replacement or a repair? 

Is your system needing frequent and costly repairs? When getting your HVAC system serviced, it is important to know when it’s time to replace the old and faulty system and upgrade to one that is more efficient and cost-effective. 

In order to make the best decision for you system, ask your HVAC specialist these questions:

  1. If a minor repair is low-cost and a quick fix, how long will it be until I have to get an entirely new system? 
  2. Is it worth it, financially, to get this repair right now instead of replacing the system early on?
  3. How many repairs in a given amount of time is a sign that my unit is no longer efficient and cost effective


3. How will this affect my utility bills?


Monthly utility bills are one of the greatest costs associated with owning a home or running a business. It can be worthwhile to consider the possibility of investing in a new system that has enhanced features and runs more efficiently than an outdated system. 

Newer systems today often have the ability to set schedules which regulate temperatures based on if you are home or not, have vacation mode to keep run-time low while you’re gone for extended periods of time, and more. All of these can help keep your system as efficient as possible, and therefore help lower your monthly bills. 

4. Are there any special offers or rebates I can claim?

Aside from discounts and offers directly from the HVAC service provider, there are a host of other money-saving tools that are available to you. These include rebates and tax breaks from the federal and many state governments, as well as other benefits. Ask your provider for more information specific to your area.

To see what offers your local TemperaturePro is currently offering, check out the “Specials” page on their local website! 

5. What brands does your company work with?

Most HVAC service providers partner and work with a select number of brands such as Trane, Lennox, Bryant, Carrier, Goodman, and more! Asking for this information prior to your maintenance or replacement appointment allows you to do your own research to determine which system seems to suit you best, and whether the brands are high quality.

6. Are your technicians NATE certified?

NATE certified

Ensuring that the expertise of HVAC technicians is certified by the North American Technical Excellence will give you peace of mind and comfort in knowing that you and your home are in good hands. NATE certified technicians have passed tests in both Service and Installation, which means they are highly qualified to assist you with all of your needs and questions. 

At TemperaturePro, we only hire honest, reliable, safe professionals across the board. That also includes many of our technicians being NATE certified. Additionally, our technicians are required to complete training every 5 years to ensure that they stay up to date on all new technological advancements. If you’d like to know more about your location’s technicians, give them a call!

7. Will every part of the system be inspected?

In HVAC systems, the first thing that is inspected is often the heating and cooling components. However, it is also crucial to ask your service provider if their technicians will check other elements, such as thermostats, air filters, and ducts. This ensures that your entire system will be inspected and any additional problems will be found.

8. What’s the policy for cleanups?

HVAC maintenance work can get messy, especially with larger projects like full system replacements. This is why it is key to check with your service provider that all debris will be cleaned up after the project, and your property respected during the project.

At TemperaturePro, we make a promise to leave the workspace cleaner than we found it. Our technicians will never leave your space feeling dirty or unfinished. We respect all of our customers and their homes or businesses, and look forward to building lifetime relationships with them. 

TemperaturePro is ready to answer any and all questions you have. HVAC services are what we do best, and our greatest priority is your comfort and peace of mind. Reach out to TemperaturePro today to speak with a technician or book an appointment.