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Why Work Here?

At TemperaturePro, we know that to deliver the highest quality work for our customers we need to hire the best HVAC technicians and provide them with the tools and support to succeed. We are a modern and professional company where HVAC technicians can do their best work and get paid well for it. Ambition and experience are rewarded here with opportunities to fast-track your career. If you take pride in your skill and want to work with the A-players in the industry, apply to join our team today.

Ambition is Rewarded

TemperaturePro is a company to rapidly grow your career with. We are growing so fast that there are new roles and opportunities all the time. You can develop your skills faster and take on management and sales opportunities over time.

We Value Your HVAC Experience

HVAC experience is recognized and highly respected here. Technicians are involved in decisions that guide the way the business is built, including the team we hire. We are building the business the right way, with a tight-knit team of all stars.

Earn What You Deserve

TemperaturePro offers great pay, benefits, and a commission structure that provides a secure lifestyle. We also value work-life balance so you get paid more to work a less stressful job compared to other HVAC companies.

Come Work With The Best

Our technicians take pride in doing high-quality work and are given the tools, time, and support to do their best work. We strive to be the leaders in our industry and the best at what we do.

We take care of our people so they can take care of our customers — and it shows.

Here’s why our employees love it here:

“TemperaturePro are way more organized than the other companies I have worked for in the past. I was brought over from another company by a current employee who told me so many exciting things about the company.”

- Jerome, HVAC Technician

“My skills have gone to a new level because I get more opportunities to do different work. I have the time to really hone my skills because I’m not being pressured to rush through jobs. I can be organized, learn what I need to and do the work as well as possible. We have great support from everyone around us.” 

- Kyle, Lead HVAC Technician

“I’d highly recommend TemperaturePro to someone already in the industry. For experienced HVAC techs this is the best opportunity out there to enjoy your work, learn, grow, and position yourself for getting off the tools. My opinion is highly respected because of my experience in the industry. This is a company where I will succeed and be comfortable.”

- Luis, Senior Technician Manager

Choose TemperaturePro

TemperaturePro is the fastest-growing professional HVAC franchise in the United States. That means our team members have many opportunities for growth, enjoy a positive work environment, and receive exceptional compensation and benefits. Each location is independently owned and operated, so our employees get a tight-knit team environment with the benefits and support of a national brand. Our goal is to be the best at what we do by providing an exceptional customer experience at affordable prices within a transparent process. In the years to come, we see ourselves as the undeniable, nationwide leader in professional HVAC services.

We’re growing fast and so can your career! If you’re looking for a company that rewards experience and ambition in a professional work environment, join our team today.

What’s It Like Working Here?

Our Employees Share Their Stories

I was attracted to TemperaturePro because they were more professional than other HVAC companies and paid well with a good commission structure. I’ve changed companies a few times. I’ve seen the crooked side of the industry and I’ve seen the good side. I don’t work for small mom and pop shops anymore because they use you and abuse you. They expect the bare minimum but push you to do 10-15 calls a day. I wanted to work for a professional company with a name and reputation for doing higher quality and only 4-5 jobs a day. 

The first thing I noticed was the quality of the owner and team I’m working with at TemperaturePro. I was immediately impressed with their knowledge and character. It’s important to me that I can take care of customers and be able to do my best work. The management makes my job as a service technician easier by providing great technology, professional service vehicles, and all the tools I need. I strongly believe we provide the best possible support for our customer’s needs. I take care of my customers and the business takes care of me.

Blake – Senior HVAC Tech (Houston, Texas)

I ​​was referred to TemperaturePro by a mutual friend. I was the first employee at my location so it’s been very cool to see the business grow from day 1. My opinion is highly respected because of my experience in the industry. I’m doing the same work I used to with other companies but I’m way more involved in the business decisions now and see the opportunity to do more than just the service work. We have a great team and we’ve been really focused on hiring the right people for every role. I’ve been involved in the hiring decisions too so I’m helping build the team I work with. To convince great people to switch to TemperaturePro I tell them that they will get to develop their career faster and take on more management and sales opportunities as we grow. It’s way easier to move up here. We do things right here and we are given the time and tools to produce very high quality work. I see a lot of success in my future with TemperaturePro. 

Shawn – Installer / Service Technician (Kalamazoo, Michigan)

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