Starting in 2023, the Department of Energy (DOE) will be changing the way HVAC systems are tested and rated. This could have many effects on HVAC equipment and products throughout the industry, including price, energy efficiency, and more. 

What is SEER2? 

First, let’s define what exactly SEER2 means. 

“SEER2” stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio 2. Specifically, SEER2 is the total heat removed from the conditioned space during the annual cooling season. –The SEER2 Guide. The minimum SEER rating is being raised on a regional basis nationwide. SEER for most northern states will be raised to 14 with SEER2 at 13.4. In southern states, the minimum SEER rating will be 15 with SEER2 of 14.3. 

This is tech-speak for how energy efficient the products are. 

The DOE is constantly trying to improve energy conservation with HVAC products and this is a step towards overall cleaner energy usage. Each region has different ratings and requirements, so it’s best to talk to your local TemperaturePro to find out what works for your system. 

This results in HVAC companies meeting new standards for their equipment, especially new installs. Most of these new standards will affect our work, prices, and equipment. We value transparent communication with our customers, and will happily discuss more of what this means for you. 

Most of these new policies will only affect our end of the business. However, if you have used us in the past, and now notice that our “verbiage” has evolved, it is due to our compliance with the DOE. 

We are excited to offer newly tested equipment and help contribute to a cleaner and energy efficient environment with you!