One major concern for anyone getting A/C repair is if the diagnostic they received is a fair price for the work needed. Many customers are wary of overcharging and underperforming, but there are ways to ensure you are getting a fair deal for your AC repair. 

Choosing An Honest AC Repair Company

Your choice in an HVAC company will determine the quality of the job. It’s important to research your possibilities and reach out to the most reputable company. 

What To Look Out For:

    • Look at the company’s reputation. Do some research on the company and their past experience. Reputable companies will have multiple positive reviews on websites like Google, Facebook, Angi’s List, and the Better Business Bureau. To see a list of all of our reviews, visit your local TemperaturePro page, which you can find here
    • Make sure your technician is knowledgeable of the problem and the repairs. Your technician should explain the repairs necessary and educate you on each part of the diagnostic and visit itself – something we take seriously at TempearturePro. A trustworthy technician will happily answer any questions about the breakdown, cost, and reason for each item on the diagnostic, so you can ensure your issue will be resolved in the best way possible. 
  • Be sure your diagnostic for repair includes all costs for the repair. Your diagnostic should include all labor, materials, parts and consumables for the repair. If there is a mis-diagnosis, the company should be on the hook for that.  There are times that a unit will need to be brought up in order to determine if there are any other issues. Be sure this is communicated in writing.


How TemperaturePro Delivers Transparent AC Repair Diagnosis

If you aren’t familiar with the HVAC Industry, you might find it confusing when you receive a repair diagnosis. If you aren’t familiar with, or have any questions about your diagnosis, ask for a cost breakdown. TemperaturePro diagnostics will come with a brief explanation of each item listed on the diagnostic. Our diagnostics are backed by data taken during the visit, which we show to you when creating solutions so we can provide the utmost transparency and honesty for you. 

If you still have questions, or want to be educated further, your TemperaturePro HVAC Professionalcan explain every part of your diagnosis so you understand fully what is necessary to repair your AC, and ensure you have the most effective solution for your specific needs. Your TemperaturePro Tech will be able to give you information on things like: 

  • How long will the repair take? 
  • How will the problem be fixed? 
  • How to prevent future breakdowns? 
  • How to maintain efficiency with my unit? 
  • Are there any other issues you see with my unit, and when should I be concerned about them? How will they affect my system’s performance?

Getting A Fair Price For AC Repair – What To Remember

Your AC repair diagnostic should be a catered solution to your exact needs. TemperaturePro provides honest, transparent pricing and diagnoses, and with our experienced technicians, can provide any further education you might need. Our goal is always to provide a clear understanding of the solution for our customers, and our technicians are here and happy to provide you with your AC repair solution.