We are excited that you moved in! Here are some facts about the HVAC system in your new home and how TemperaturePro can help you.

Maintaining your homes HVAC system is important for the longevity of your system and can save you money in the long run. Regular maintenance check-ups can detect minor problems that can be addressed before you have a total system failure. By maintaining your air conditioning unit you can increase system efficiency and save money by reducing your energy bills each month. Keeping your system in top working condition can increase the life of the system and is required with most home warranties.

What New Homeowners Need to Know about their HVAC System

  1. Was regular maintenance performed? Regular maintenance helps the system perform better.
  2. The age of your system. Any system over 10 years old is approaching end of life, and may need to be replaced sooner than later.
  3. Your SEER rating. The higher your seer rating, the more efficient your system is.
  4. Are your ducts clean? Clean ducts equates to healthier, cleaner air.
  5. Is your system under warranty? If so, make sure the warranty is transferred to you during the home buying process.

A few DIY Maintenance Tips from the Pros

  • Change your air filters regularly.
  • Groom your landscape by keeping vegetation clear at least two feet on all sides.
  • Keep air vents open.
  • Get a programmable thermostat (Consistent temperatures increase efficiency).
  • Keep components clean, especially the outdoor condenser/compressor unit.

When Do You Need TemperaturePro?

It’s recommended to have your a/c unit serviced at least once a year by a trained HVAC technician. During a service check-up we will check combustion in gas and oil furnaces and ensure there are no leaks in a refrigerant line. These checks are best left up to experts.

We can also accurately calculate system size needs when replacing your HVAC system. Systems too small or too large will not run efficiently, providing poor comfort, not properly address humidity needs, and will likely fail earlier than necessary.

Signs you may need HVAC help:

  • Your system runs all the time.
  • You constantly adjust the thermostat.
  • There is ice on your air conditioner or heat pump.