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Save Space with a Combi-Boiler Unit

Gone are the days of bulky heating systems that are constantly breaking. This highly effective, tankless heater can replace both the boiler and the hot water tank with a sleek wall mount that takes up minimal space. With its elegant, clean appearance and easy to use control panel, this heating system is perfect for any residential home.

Between this innovative system and our technician’s expert craftsmanship, you’ll be back to feeling warm in no time.

Heating Installation & Replacement

Looking to replace your current heating system? Consider upgrading to the Navien residential combi-boiler offered by TemperaturePro King of Prussia. Designed to keep you warm while maximizing efficiency, the combi unit is 95% efficient because it modulates based on demand. The unit provides hot water and heats your whole house, big or small, anytime you need it.

Think it’s time to replace your current heating system? Give the heating experts at TemperaturePro King of Prussia a call today!

Eco-Friendly & Energy Efficient

Whether you need to replace your current heating system or you need to install one for your new home, go with the choice that saves you money. With the Navien combi-boiler unit, you’ll benefit from reduced energy expenses while positively impacting the environment. In fact, the unit is able to recover heat that would be lost otherwise, resulting in lower CO2 emissions and lower exhaust temperatures. Say goodbye to costly energy bills and hello to comfort.

Keep Your System Running Smoothly

All of your heating and cooling equipment require consistent maintenance to keep them running efficiently. Once we install your new Navien combi-boiler unit, we can also come out for consistent tune-ups and maintenance to ensure your system continues running at its finest.

The heating experts at TemperaturePro King of Prussia will help you save money in the long run by keeping your combi-boiler heating unit running at optimal efficiency year-round.

Most Dependable Hot Water System

The Navien combi-boiler unit is more than just a heating system for the air in your home. The unit provides hot water on demand, so you never have to worry about your indoor comfort. Don’t settle for less. Choose the system that you can rely on backed by the trusted experts at TemperaturePro King of Prussia.

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