Life is busy. The last thing on your mind is your air conditioner – that is, until a breakdown happens. The question: How do you know if your AC system needs maintenance or a repair?

AC Maintenance & AC Repair Defined

Our TemperaturePro AC Techs can provide a more detailed explanation of if you need Maintenance or Repair, but to sum it up: 

  • A/C Maintenance: 

    • Part of a Tune-Up, Inspection, or Diagnostic – Maintenance is performed by an HVAC tech for “upkeep”. Maintains the functionality of your HVAC system. 
  • A/C Repair: 

    • A part of your A/C unit is broken or damaged, or an issue in performance needs to be fixed. Requires a professional HVAC Technician. 
    • Also known as AC Service Repair, or AC Emergency Service. 

Do I need A/C Maintenance?

AC Maintenance is vital to prevent future unexpected breakdowns and check on the overall “health” of your system. By having an experienced HVAC Tech perform a maintenance visit on your A/C unit, you can expect:

  • Enhanced system performance
  • Optimized energy efficiency – leads to lower utility bills

Do I need A/C Repair?

If a broken A/C goes unfixed for a long amount of time, it could lead to larger damage and a more expensive fix, or even a new install. You might need AC Repair if:

  • There’s odd, unusual noises from your AC unit
  • An increase in utility bills

AC Repair & AC Maintenance- Both important, both necessary. 

In reality, you will eventually need both AC Maintenance and AC Repair done to your air conditioner. We recommend two Tune-Up Maintenance visits a year, and we even have a membership program built around keeping your air conditioner in tip-top shape. Visit our ProPlan page to learn more. 

If you have any further questions, or just want more info, our Professional TemperaturePro Techs are ready to answer any question you might have, and find a solution that fits perfectly on your schedule. Call us now to schedule your AC Repair or Maintenance visit today!