6 Ways to Incorporate a Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioner into Your Home

Mini split AC systems are incredibly popular due to their high efficiency and dual heating/cooling capabilities. But are they right for your home? Let’s find out! Here are six common uses for mini split air conditioners.

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How Can You Incorporate a Mini Split System into Your Home's HVAC Setup?

Perfect for Home Additions and Renovations

If you’re adding a new room or renovating a screen porch into a sunroom that’s integrated into the rest of your home, it can be very expensive to install an additional or update your existing central air conditioning system.

Mini splits are ductless so they provide an affordable, efficient alternative that will help you make sure this new space is comfortable in all seasons.

Converting a Garage

If you’re thinking about converting a garage into a bedroom or to create a rental space for an AirBnB listing, mini splits are a great and simple solution to the burning question, “How will we keep this space cool during the summer and warm during the winter?”

For Older Homes

If you live in an older, historic home, you most likely will not want to tear up the walls and ceilings to install a ducted central air system.

Instead, you can hire a certified HVAC installer to place a ductless AC system.

Sheds, Tiny Homes, and Other Standalone Structures

Tiny homes are booming these days, but there’s no reason to install a fully-blown ducted central air conditioning system.

Rather, it makes more sense to install a mini split as they are smaller and more affordable. Plus, they offer both heating and cooling functionality.

Replacing a Space Heater

Space heaters are unreliable, inefficient and they can be dangerous because they don’t interact well with wall outlets or power strips. These issues can lead to blown fuses or even worse, fires in your home.

Ductless systems are safer and more efficient.

Upgrade Your Window AC Unit

While the upfront costs of a window AC unit are typically quite low and can often be easily installed by the homeowner, they come with many cons as well.

They are rather noisy and they provide burglars with easy access to your home and family.

With a mini split AC unit, you will pay more for the system, but you can rest easy that they won’t allow a stranger to enter your home and they operate incredibly quietly.

Additional Pros of Mini Split AC Systems

We’ve already mentioned that these systems are ductless and efficient, there are a few more reasons to select a mini split as your new air conditioner.

Economically and Environmentally Friendly

Mini splits are more energy efficient because you can turn the system off in rooms you’re not using, so energy is not being wasted. The more precise control also cuts down on your overall energy bill, saving you money each month.


You get ultimate control over the climate in all the zones in your home with a mini split because each room has its own fan and evaporator unit. Feel free to turn it off in the parts of the house you’re not using while cranking it up in the rooms that tend to run hot.


Ductless systems like mini splits have options to fit your home size and budget, offering maximum flexibility. Choose from single, dual, triple, or quad zoning to fit your home and cooling needs.

Ease of Installation

With no heavy infrastructure or construction needed, mini splits are easy to install, so you can start cooling down today. There’s no breaking through walls or complicated electrical wiring to deal with.

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