6 Expert Tips on How to Lower Your Energy Bill

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After a while, paying your energy bill every month becomes a habitual and mundane task. That is, until you glance at your bill and notice that it is much higher than you remember it ever being. Overspending on energy is a fairly common problem, and luckily your TemperaturePro HVAC experts have some tips on how to begin lowering that pesky expense.

1: Be smart about your thermostat (or, use a smart thermostat)

The largest portion of your energy bill is more than likely heating and cooling. Depending on temperature changes outside, changes within the home, and personal comfort, this expense can experience large spikes.

Solution: The key with spending less money in this area is to try not to fiddle with your thermostat. Constantly changing the temperature within your home causes these large spikes in your energy bill and can easily be avoided by breaking that habit. If this doesn’t do the trick, try installing a programmable thermostat (also called a smart thermostat). These innovative systems allow the homeowner to program temperature changes and controls in advance. This can, in turn, save you money by making your home more energy efficient.

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2: Dress accordingly!

Keeping your home at a sweatpants-and-sweatshirt temperature year round may sound cozy, but it can also be costly.

Solution: Another way to spend less money on energy is to dress up or down depending on the weather outdoors. For example, rather than blasting the AC in the summer and spring, keep your home at a comfortable temperature for shorts and a T-shirt. In the winter, bundle up with blankets, sweatpants or leggings, and a hoodie! Using clothing rather than devices within the home to keep yourself comfortable can make a big difference.

3: It’s All About Strategy

Lowering your energy bill is not just about the heating and cooling system of the home. It’s also about paying attention to how you use your appliances, such as dishwashers, washing machines, and dryers.

Solution: The easiest way to save money here is to use each of these appliances most efficiently. For example, loading the dishwasher all the way instead of partially can ensure that cycles are run less frequently, therefore using less energy. Drying loads of clothes one right after the other instead of waiting is also more efficient, since the dryer stays warm longer.


4: Do A Little Landscaping

The weather outdoors has a big impact on how cool or warm you keep the inside of your home. Avoiding these large spikes and differences in temperature can save you some serious cash over time.

Solution: If you live in an area that has a particularly warm climate, you might consider planting some trees around the outside of your home. These trees provide shade that can keep your home cooler, allowing you to turn down that AC just a little bit! Experts will tell you that planting trees that drop leaves in the winter (deciduous trees) means you will have sunlight in the winter, keeping your home a little bit warmer as well!

5: Rethink the Way You Cook

Like with other appliances, using the oven or stovetop to cook every meal can have large impacts on your energy bill over a period of time. But how do you cook strategically?

Solution: Invest in or use smaller appliances like microwave ovens, electric skillets, panini presses, and even toaster ovens to cook your meals. This saves money (and often time) when it comes to preparing meals and keeping your energy bill low, since these appliances heat up quickly.


6: Ensure Your Home is Sealed and Secure

Improperly sealed appliances (such as refrigerators and freezers), doors, and windows can cause your home to be cooler or warmer than it needs to be, leaving you with no choice but to turn that thermostat way up or way down.

Solution: Checking the seals on all windows and doors, as well as refrigeration appliances, can ensure that the temperature inside your home is not being affected by outside (or inside!) sources. Fixing an improperly sealed refrigerator or freezer can also save you money on that part of your energy bill, making this a two for one tip!


Want more tips? Found an issue and need it fixed? TemperaturePro is ready to answer any and all questions you have. HVAC services are what we do best, and our greatest priority is your comfort and peace of mind. Reach out to TemperaturePro today to speak with a technician or book an appointment.