With the middle of the summer fast approaching and the heat showing no mercy. It’s more important than ever to make sure your AC unit is working properly. However, we realize we don’t live in a perfect world and yes, things do break. Fear no more, check out the following tips to get your AC back up and running when it isn’t being cooperative!


  1. Check Your Air Filter

Think of your air filter as the gatekeeper between hot dusty air and clean, cool bliss. It’s vital to make sure your air filter is clean and changed regularly. If dirty or clogged, air flow will be restricted and cause your AC unit to malfunction. Some studies even show that a dirty air filter can reduce AC efficiency by up to 10%!


  1. Check Thermostat Batteries

Yes, we know its a simple fix, but you’d be surprised at how easily it can be overlooked!


  1. Check The Circuit Breaker

Circuits get tripped all the time. It’s a simple fix if you know what to look for. Just find the circuit breaker in the breaker box and flip the switch. If this keeps happening, reach out to an electrician as there could be more advanced and unsafe issues at hand.


  1. Check The Coil On The Outside Of Your Machine

Although sometimes hidden, a clean condenser coil is key to an efficiently running AC unit. If covered by debris such as leaves and grass take a hose and gently spray it off! This coil is just another example of how important maintenance is for any AC unit.


  1. Call Your Local TemperaturePro!

Your local TemperaturePro technicians are always prepared to give you a hand with speedy and affordable service. We take pride in our service and hope to keep our customers cool and comfortable this Summer!