Customized Solutions for Older Homes Without AC

TemperaturePro can retrofit your home with a customized air conditioning system that works with your home's design and layout without compromising the original structure.

Keep Cool All Summer Long

Without the powerful commercial AC of your usual office space, working from home last summer was probably a little hotter than your optimal work environment. So if your window units just aren’t cutting it, and you’re not sure what options there are for an older home, contact TemperaturePro for a free estimate. We’ve got a range of options to keep you cool and productive inside your home through the summer as well as year round.

Creative, Customized Air Conditioning Solutions

Because each home is a unique ecosystem of building materials, layout, age, and other factors, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. Most of the homes that fall into this category were built before there were any sort of building codes or standardization measures in place, so we cannot rely on an assumed sense of uniformity even in basic construction principles.

Our solutions are customized to each home, meaning we use a mix of split and ductless systems to fit the needs and goals of the homeowner, while ensuring the home’s. original design and structure remain uncompromised.

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