4 Ways to Spot Dishonest HVAC Contractors

Trying to find an HVAC contractor to provide honest, quality service with transparent pricing is not an easy task.

At TemperaturePro, our number one priority is building lasting relationships with our customers that are built on trust, integrity and satisfaction. We are the last heating and air conditioning company you will need. From the thorough documentation we create for every job to our flat rate pricing model, our processes are built to inspire customer confidence. With TemperaturePro there is no need to worry you’ll be taken advantage of or lied to.

There are a lot of HVAC service providers out there, but it’s hard to know which providers put their customers first and which don’t. Here’s how you can spot the difference between the good guys and the not-so-great guys when it comes to the HVAC service industry.

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1. Beware of Unlicensed Contractors

TemperaturePro is licensed to perform HVAC and the related electrical which means we don’t have to subcontract an electrician on our installs, allowing us to get the cool air or heat back on faster and cheaper. 

Experienced HVAC contractors like TemperaturePro have the software and/or experience to calculate and match the volume of the space with the correct capacity equipment and duct size. Too much cooling capacity results in damp, humid homes with moldy ducts because the systems cool too fast without having the run time to properly dehumidify the space. Matching HVAC systems is complicated far beyond just mounting the equipment. Improperly matched equipment can have significant consequences when it comes to efficiency, humidity, air quality, health and overall in-home comfort.

Unlicensed installers often lack the proper tools, skills, and manufacturer-provided training to properly spec and install HVAC systems, nor have the proper insurance and warranty support. Much like modern vehicles, HVAC equipment is becoming increasingly complex in its utilization of technology and requires specialized training to troubleshoot and service.

As a licensed HVAC contractor, TemperaturePro has solid, legitimate relationships with reputable equipment manufacturers such as Bosch, Trane, Bryant, and Rheem. These high-quality manufacturers only distribute equipment to licensed contractors because they know how important it is to have experienced technicians matching the equipment to the home and properly installing it.

Unlicensed HVAC installers are forced to purchase from low-price manufacturers that sell their equipment online or over the counter at hardware stores. When equipment is purchased directly from the internet, it’s cheaper, but there is no warranty applied to the product.

On the flip side, when you purchase equipment from TemperaturePro, we register the warranty on your behalf and have the training, skill and equipment to ensure your warranty is upheld by the manufacturer.

While hiring an unlicensed contractor, or that friend of a friend is often cheaper, you also run the risk of your system failing prematurely due to faulty installation. 60-70% of premature equipment failures result from improper installation. There is much more to installing an HVAC system than just getting it hooked up and set in place. This means that instead of your equipment reaching its intended service life, it may stop working in half the time – which doubles the expense of your HVAC investment.

To recap, here’s why you should put your trust in a licensed HVAC contractor like TemperaturePro.

  • Access to top HVAC equipment brands
  • Proper equipment matched to the needs of the space
  • We register the warranty on your behalf
  • Installation by a professional installer leads to longer equipment service life

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2. Beware of Short Repair or Maintenance Visits

Our appointments don’t have set end times. At TemperaturePro, our technicians are allotted as much time as it takes to perform thorough, quality work.

Because our technicians don’t need to rush from home to home, you can count on us to thoroughly and completely evaluate the state of your heating and cooling systems to ensure the system is fixed correctly.

We frequently have conversations with customers who spend hundreds of dollars on refrigerant on a yearly basis with other HVAC contractors, without ever having a leak detection test or proper diagnosis performed. TemperaturePro takes the time to discover the source of the leak and consult the customer on the best way to fix the system for good to eliminate costly, repeat refrigerant charges. The other guys don’t bother to identify the problem, instead opting for a quick band-aid fix with guaranteed, repeat revenue.

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3. Beware of Unexpected Repair Bills

At TemperaturePro you can rely on us for total transparency and honesty when it comes to pricing. We have flat-rate pricing and never perform work without customer approval. That means the price we quote you before we start working on a job is the price you pay when we’re finished, no matter how long it takes.

For system installations, we’ll provide you with three different pricing options (one each for lower efficiency, mid-level efficiency, and high efficiency equipment) so you can choose what best fits your needs and budget.

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4. Beware of Short-Term, Transaction-Based Relationships

Our goal is to develop a long-term relationship with every customer – this starts with trust. We’re not trying to upsell you on a new system so we can make a quick buck and you never hear from us again.

We want to be the HVAC company you trust and come back to whenever you have a problem with your heating and cooling system.

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You Can Count on TemperaturePro

We hope the next time your heating and cooling system needs service, maintenance or replacement, you call the pros you can trust. TemperaturePro is here for the long haul!

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