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“We have worked with Gordon and TemperaturePro on a few projects and find them to be honest, reasonable, and reliable. They have always been on time, do what they say, and keep in constant communication with their customers. We have and will recommend them for projects to come.”

– T.P.

“We hired TemperaturePro to install an air conditioning system in our short-term rental house. They were responsive and timely and completely professional. They completed the installation on time, and when we had a question about it, they were right back out to help us out. I can’t recommend them enough.”

– D.A.

“Wow! Talk about amazing service. I would recommend TemperaturePro any day. Can’t thank them enough for fixing the past heating company mistakes, and getting our house warm for our little ones. Thank you Davin for being honest and trustworthy. We need more like you out there!”

– T.S.

“Davin is one of the best field techs in the area! Originally I had reached out to Bill’s and was recommended to order a $1000 part to fix my furnace but decided to get a second opinion with Temperature Pro and I’m so glad I did! Davin was able to troubleshoot, diagnose and FIX the problem within an hour!”

– D.

“I couldn’t be happier with the service I received. The value is excellent, the work is outstanding and everyone was incredibly professional. Gordon was ultra prompt and helpful anytime I reached out. I highly recommend TemperaturePro Inland Northwest to everyone considering an HVAC install or service call.”

– F.B.

“Temperature Pro is by far the best! They are honest, fair, and overall good people! They truly care about their clients/customers and want to help and do what’s best for you…not them! They communicate well and explain everything to you. I would highly recommend them and fully trust that they will get the job done in a timely fashion and not break the bank!!”

– B.H.
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See what our clients are saying!

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